Sugar & General Industrial

Stainless Steel Welded Tube & Pipes round Tubes & Industrial Pipes SS304/SS304L, SS316/SS316L AISI

Plazma Weld, Inside & Outside Bead Removed, Annealed with water quenching, Precision Sizing and Cut to Length with HSS Saw Blades without Burr..

Stainless Steel Tube Weight Per Meter Wall Thickness (mm)

OD(mm)1.2 Kgs/Mtr1.5 Kgs/Mtr2.0 Kgs/Mtr

Table 3 Permissible Variation in Dimensions

GroupSize, Outside Diameter, in.Permissible Variations in Outside Diameter in. (mm)Permissible Variation in Wall Thickness, A %Permissible Variation in Cut Length In. (mm)gThin Welded Tubes c
1UP to 1/2+- 0.005 (0.13)+- 151/8 (3.2)0-
21/2 to 1 1/2, excl+- 0.005 (0.13)+- 101/8 (3.2)0Less Than 0.065 in. (1.65mm) nominal
31 1/2 to 3 1/2 excel+- 0.010 (0.25)+- 103/16 (4.8)0Less Than 0.095 in. (2.41mm) nominal
41 1/2 to 5 1/2 excl+- 0.015 (0.38)+- 103/16 (4.8)0Less Than 0.150 in. (3.81mm) nominal
55/ 1/2 to 8, excl+- 0.030 (0.76)+- 103/16 (4.8)0Less Than 0.150 in. (3.81mm) nominal

When tubes as order require wall thickness ¾ in. (19.00mm) or over, or an inside diameter 60% or less of the outside diameter, a wider variation in wall thickness is required. On such size a variation in wall of 12.5% over or under will be permitted.

For such tubes less than ½ in. (12.7) in inside diameter which cannot be successfully drawn over mandrel, the wall thickness may very +- 15% from that specified.

These tolerances apply to cut lengths up to and including 24 ft (7.3m). For lengths greater than 24 ft (7.3m) For lengths greater than (7.3 m), the above over tolerances shall be increased by 1/8 in. (3 mm ) for each 10ft (3m) or location thereof over 24ft. or ½ in. (13mm), which over is lesser.

Ovality  provisions of 11.2 apply.  

Prime Quality Raw Material

Selected From World Renowned Mills 

Plazma Tig Welding 

Better Penetration & Strong Welding seam, unlike Conventional Tig Welding making the Tube equally as good as seamless Tube

Inside & Outside Weld/Bead Removal 

For Better Brushing & CIP Cleaning 

Online Annealing System 

For even heat treatment around the Tube up to 1800 Degree Centigrade 

Cut To Length by Auto Hss Saw Blade For Plain Edges 

Suitable for Expanding into Tube Plates 

Our Valuable Customers Include: 

  • Almoiz Sugar Mills (Unit 2)
  • Ashraf Sugar Mills Ltd
  • Baba Fareed Sugar Mills
  • Chambar Sugar Mills
  • Chaudary Sugar Mills
  • Colony Sugar Mills
  • Dehrki Sugar Sugar Mills Limited (JDW Group)
  • Fecto Sugar Mills
  • Hudabiya Engineering Co Pvt Ltd
  • Hunza Sugar Mills
  • Indus Sugar Mills
  • Ittefaq Sugar Mills
  • JDW Sugar Mills (All Three Units)
  • Kamalia Sugar mills Ltd
  • Fatima Sugar Mills
  • Kiran Sugar Mills
  • Mehran Sugar Mills Ltd
  • Pattoki Sugar Mills
  • Popular Sugar Mills ( National Sugar Mills)
  • Safina Sugar Mills
  • Shahtag Sugar Mills
  • Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC)
  • Tandlianwala Sugar Mills (kanwani)
  • Tandlianwala Sugar Mills (Muzaffar Gargh)
  • Thal Industries
  • Etihad Sugar Mills Limited
  • Kashmir Sugar Mills
  • Shamim Sugar Mills
  • And Many More....

More Than 250,000 Number Of
Stainless Steel Tubes Are installed in Various Sugar Mills
Including Falling Film Evaporators Tubes
Given by Nova

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